GigE radio solutions

60 GHz Microwave Link

Based upon GigE transport, offering both; data Pt to Pt and short haul SD/HD-SDI video contribution link capability.

HXI Gigalink 6651

Operating within the licence exempt spectrum at 60GHz.       

Offering high immunity to interference, ease of deployment and flexibility in system integration.

Offers a Full Duplex 1.25Gbps GigE transport format.

Payload interface :
1000Base-SX 850nm. FC connector. 
Factory installed video SDI interface option.

The video system offers ease of interface to broadcast plant, distribution systems and interchange networks.

Simple single radio head cable operation and a discrete footprint for the ODU radio head.

This link is ideal for hops of <1Km.


Pt to Pt Gigabit link 
IPTV contribution radio link.

Short haul terrestrial Gigabit links across rivers, roads, rail and city streets.

Radio links can be "cascaded" to create extended RF system reach.

The quick solution to "can see it, but can't get there!"

 For further technical details on this product see : www.hxi.com

Further GigE solutions available from World leader manufacturers of low latency, high speed radio links in the 60, 70 & 80GHz bands.  

 Enquiries contact  e-mail : info@60ghz.co.uk